What we do

01. Immersive solutions for engagement

Our immersive solutions, both product based and bespoke, are totally data driven and designed to help start valuable conversations, influence opinion and create valuable and substantive relationships.

Influential b2b decision-makers have a desire to engage, interact and enter into debate with their current and prospective business partners, shaping the future of their business and industry.

What we do

02. Our unique event platform - Event Partner

Our Event Partner tool is designed specifically for b2b marketing events with a content management system (CMS) for event marketing content and continuous customer data capture at its core.

Event Partner allows you to curate your event content from our single secure platform and distribute it across your event tools (website, web-app, signage etc) before, during and after the event.

Your Event

New York June 16, 2018


Jay Donelle
Jay Donelle

CTO Caspin Industries

Melanie Burdenne
Melanie Burdenne

MD SpeditQR

Kelly McFarlane
Kelly McFarlane

MD Carter & Sanderson

Breakout Session
Lee Lin
Lee Lin

R&D Pinto Ltd.

What we do
03. Brand experiences for engagement with a b2b focus

We help you to engage with customers through original, data-driven, live and interactive brand experiences, harnessing cutting edge technology.

Our innovative solutions help promote conversations, deliver sales leads and create a social footprint.

04. Digital marketing for b2b business

From customer engagement apps to full corporate sites, we create digital assets that allow you to create a deeper level of involvement from customers & prospects. We promote new conversations and give people the tools to engage themselves fully in your business brand.

  • Web development & email marketing
  • Bespoke native & web-apps
  • Customer data management
  • Data visualization
  • Forms & surveys
  • Social media

Who we are

01. Who we are

We provide dedicated, personal project management to deliver a seamless and engaged service from start to finish. Our highly experienced project managers form close relationships so that we can fully understand your business and your specific project needs. We consider the whole communication process in the languages and cultures involved.

02. Cutting-edge b2b
brand strategists

We identify new ways to serve and support companies by uncovering latent needs, behaviours, and desires. We design the products, services, spaces, and interactive experiences that bring them to life. We strive to bring the latest design trends. From web, mobile and tablet to emerging technologies that will make our clients true innovators.

Who we are

03. Expert programmers &
technical support

Our team of highly experienced programmers and technical experts work across multiple digital channels. They work with our project managers, to ensure joined up project integration, and exceptional results. At the heart of our digital work is a deep understanding of the business goals, the brand, your customers and how to drive them to you.

Your data

01. Your data in action

Our commitment is to provide you with actionable data that can be put to use across sales, PR and social media teams. Your customers’ opinions are valuable and they deserve to be as such. We provide detailed activity reports to ensure the right engagement is made at the right time.

Expert data management and lead generation. Detailed activity reports across all channels. Actionable data for return on investment.

02. Your data, our commitment

Market Partner is a UK-based company and legally obligated to meet the requirements of GDPR. Our product development, support and account management are all driven by the new legislation and are committed to helping clients meet the new requirements.

All client data is stored and backed up on servers located at ISO 27001:2013-certified UK datacentres. This eliminates the need for complex contractual agreements that cover cross-border data transfers outside the EU. Event Partner allocates each client with a dedicated database, which ensures strict segregation of client data (for better security) and allows us to delete data easily (without impacting other clients).

As an EU company, we are intimately familiar with EU data protection regulations, GDPR and the data security practices that this legislation demands. Security comes first in our product development and support - both of which are in-house to ensure absolute control. All our software development that integrates data is carried out in the UK and our main support team is based at our London office.