Global cloud solution for fast content delivery with virtually no latency

Manage your virtual event content all in one place via our simple desktop or mobile platform

  • Create/update/publish agenda
  • Store and manage your event information & collateral
  • Upload speaker presentations and documents
  • Capture & manage attendee data for registration
  • Control access quickly and easily
  • Track attendee engagement with content
  • Control the content of your live event platform

Create your speaker collection and edit their details in real time on your event site and live platform

Store and edit speaker details in real-time on your desktop and mobile phone

Manage your agenda and other event content all in one place via our simple desktop or mobile platform

  • Administrate through our intuitive control panel
  • Content is responsive to your screen size
  • Insert a simple line of code into your own event site
  • Directly updates event site and live platform
  • Apply your own event toolkit to the template

Create your PowerPoint slides in seconds with our automated slide-builder tool

Download to PowerPoint in your event template

Manage attendee registrations and control access in real time

  • Import your list from a spreadsheet(and export)
  • Access and manage registrations directly
  • Add new attendees, make changes
  • Manage access on event day with email reminders
  • Send notifications and live messages

Event day checklist-overview
we provide total technology support

Live event stream ready from single or multiple locations
PowerPoint streamed to live platform (controlled by presenter)
Open event to attendees with access emails

Our live platform offers the highest level of participation and lead generation

  • Rich and personalized event agenda and speaker profiles
  • Attendee networking and messaging
  • Live polling and live audience questions
  • Lead generation –document downloads, feedback forms
  • Social integration or private event feeds
  • Engaging sponsor opportunities

Select from an extended range of functions to suit your event objectives

View full event information
View speakers & delegates
Live Polling in-app
Delegate feedback forms
View/Download documents
Shape content at the event
View & download presentations
Ask the speaker a question
Networking & messaging
Content via social media
Video content
Sponsors promotion

Web-browser solution for the highest level of attendee participation in the live event

  • Average 89% attendee participation
  • Highest volume of valuable data captured
  • Significantly more content viewed including sponsors
  • Simply type a short urlinto browser
  • Compatible with all PC browsers and mobile platforms
  • Send content links post event eg.Feedback, Presentations

Create infographic reports from live polling results

  • Co-brand digital or pdf reports for distribution post event

Data management, security & GDPR

Market Partner is a UK-based company and legally obligated to meet the requirements of GDPR. Our product development, support and account management are all driven by the new legislation and are committed to helping clients meet the requirements.

All data is stored and backed up on servers located at Memset in their ISO 27001:2013-certified UK datacentre. This eliminates the need for complex contractual agreements that cover cross-border data transfers outside the EU.

Event Partner has a unique database management structure that allocates each client with a dedicated database. This ensures strict segregation of client data (for better security) and allows us to delete data easily (without impacting other clients).

As an EU company, we are intimately familiar with EU data protection regulations, GDPR and the data security practices that this legislation demands. Security comes first in our product development and support - both of which are in-house to ensure absolute control.

All our development that integrates data is carried out in the UK and our main support team is based at our London office.

Market Partner is approved to work with the customer data of some of the worlds leading organisations.

We help some of the world’s most successful b2b companies to harness the power of technology and engage with decision-makers to do amazing things. Our immersive solutions, both product-based and bespoke, are totally data-driven and designed to help start valuable conversations, influence opinion and create valuable and substantive relationships.

Influential b2b decision-makers have a desire to engage, interact and enter into debate with their current and prospective business partners, shaping the future of their business and industry.

We help make this happen using the right tools to engage with decision makers at the right time.